Animal Crossing terraforming project

Do you have a huge Animal Crossing terraforming idea? Here’s how to plan it and get started.

Transforming your Animal Crossing island into the paradise you envision takes a lot of time and dedication. It can seem daunting to plan a terraforming project that transforms the whole island. Luckily, there are several tools online that help to make this process a lot smoother.

Terraforming in Animal Crossing also requires you to be okay with time travel if you want to be done in a timely manner. Placing eight bridges and inclines around the island can consume an entire month otherwise. If you absolutely insist on not using time travel in your terraforming project, have everything planned out. Here’s how to get started.

Plan your island terraform in a web tool.

Terraforming Animal Crossing

The Happy Island Designer can help you design the island of your dreams. It’s a 2D tool that lets you plan where each feature on your island will be. The island is divided up into a 6 x 7 square to make tackling your Animal Crossing terraforming project easier.

You should plan your entire project in a web tool like this before you get started. This provides you with a reference so you can focus on one section at a time. Focusing on a single quadrant at a time helps break down the project into manageable spaces. Just make sure you line up your Community Center before you get started.

The Community Center and Plaza is the only building that Tom Nook doesn’t let you move later. If you haven’t started your island yet, be conscious of where you place it.

3D Island Planning Tool

Animal Crossing terraforming planner

If you’re having trouble visualizing what your island will look like using the 2D plan, focus on the 3D Island Modeler. This tool is built in Unity and allows you to place cliffs, rivers, buildings, and other terraforming objects in 3D space. It’s a great way to plan an island design since you can immediately see it.

It also represents shops and houses in 3D space, so you can see how they will look nestled among cliffs and other features. It’s a great way to explore island ideas that may intrigue you without committing time in-game to get the result you want.

Focus on quadrants.

Once you have your ACNH terraform idea in place in the 2D editor, you’re ready to get started. Make sure you have your design bookmarked so you can repeatedly reference it. Then choose a quadrant and focus on getting it 100% according to your plan.

You should also focus on getting your villagers’ houses in the right spots. If you are not time traveling, you can only move one villager per day. If you are, the process will go a lot more smoothly as you work to move villagers from one part of your island to the other.

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