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Carrion Game – Tips and Tricks for Switch

Carrion is a game about surviving to become an apex predator. These tips and tricks will get you started. Need…

Carrion Review for Switch

Carrion is a ‘reverse horror’ game where you play a monstrous parasite hellbent on taking over the facility containing it. Outsmart the humans keeping you contained, evolve, grow, and terrify the humans. Check out our Carrion review for Switch.

Dex Review for Nintendo Switch

Dex is an ambitious semi-open-world 2D RPG that draws much of its inspiration from the Deus Ex series of games. It’s worth a look if you like cyberpunk adventures with a rich story.

KK Slider Songs – How to Unlock Secret Songs in ACNH

Want to collect all of the KK Slider songs available in Animal Crossing? You’ll need to make some special requests of the hip good boy when he arrives on your island on Saturdays. Here’s how to unlock all KK Slider songs.

CrossCode Tips & Tricks for Switch

CrossCode is a vast world full of things to discover and people to help. These CrossCode tips and tricks will help you get started and master Lea’s Spheromancer gameplay.

CrossCode Review for Switch

CrossCode is one of the most original action RPG experiences you can have on Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out why we love this game so much – despite it’s stumbles.

This is the best Joy-Con replacement for the Switch

The Joy-Cons are an interesting evolution on Nintendo’s motion controls, but they’re not very comfortable for long handheld gaming sessions. The HORI Split Pad Pro solves that problem. It’s a Switch handheld gamer’s dream.

Void Terrarium Tips & Tricks

Void Terrarium is a successful marriage of roguelike gameplay and virtual pet simulator. But getting started in the early stages can be hard if you don’t know what to do. Follow these Void Terrarium tips and tricks to help you successfully manage both Robbie and Toriko.

void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium Review for Switch

Void Terrarium is a unique mix of ‘mystery dungeon’ roguelike gameplay with a side helping of virtual pet simulator. Care for a tiny human in a post apocalyptic world – and learn the truth of what happened.

Animal Crossing Weather – How to Predict Rain and Shooting Stars

Predicting the weather cycle on your Animal Crossing island is easier than you think. This unique tool will help you narrow down which weather seed you have on your island from a possible two billion seeds. Know when it’ll rain, when shooting stars are most likely to happen, and more.

Trails of Cold Steel III Switch Review

The Trails of Cold Steel series finally arrives on Nintendo Switch with the third entry. You’ll have to catch up across a variety of consoles if you want the full story. But even if you’ve never played a game in the series, Trails of Cold Steel III is just plain fun.

Pokemon Unite is a New MOBA on Switch & Mobile

The Pokemon Company has showcased a first look at Pokemon Unite. It’s a new real-time strategy MOBA similar to League of Legends or DOTA 2. Right now, we don’t know when the game will be available.

Nintendo Account Hacked – How to Secure Your Account

Nintendo now estimates that over 300,000 accounts were involved in a recent hack. Nintendo says only a small amount experienced unauthorized transactions, and they’ve fixed the problem. But you should still take steps to secure your Nintendo account against hackers.

How Durable Is the Nintendo Switch?

Are you wondering just how durable the Switch and Switch Lite really are? Check out these Nintendo Switch durability tests and check out some recommended accessories to keep your Nintendo Switch safe.

Here’s How to Fix the Left Joy-Con Disconnect Issue

Sometimes the left Joy-Con periodically disconnects and reconnects. Here’s what you can do to fix the issue.

Animal Crossing – Track your Island Life With These Apps

Stay on top of everything there is to do on your Animal Crossing island with this nifty tracking app. Predict turnip prices, track fossils, rocks, and even weekly visitors.

Animal Crossing Deck Patterns – 10 Best Summer Looks for Your Island

Looking for a great Animal Crossing deck pattern to complement your summer island? Check out these amazing player creations from the ACNH community.

Animal Crossing Paintings – 15 Player Creations for Your House

Looking for some new art to decorate the walls of your freshly expanded house in Animal Crossing? Check out these player-made Animal Crossing paintings you can import and stop buying all those fakes from Redd!

Is the Animal Crossing Companion Guide Worth It?

Are you on the fence about buying the official Animal Crossing companion guide? Check out our comprehensive review of this companion book designed to help you make the most of your island adventure.

Animal Crossing LGBT – 15 Clothing and Decor Items

Are you part of the Animal Crossing LGBT community? Check out these clothing and decor designs for expressing your LGBTQ pride.

Everything You Need To Know About the ACNH Meteor Shower

Did you know there are some hard limits on the number of star fragments you can earn during an ACNH meteor shower? Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of Animal Crossing meteor showers.

ACNH Patterns – 15 Panels to Help 5-Star Your Island

Ready to turn your ACNH island into a 5-star paradise? Check out these top 15 decorating ideas for Animal Crossing panels and wall paintings.

Animal Crossing Paths – 15 Stellar Creations for Your Island

These Animal Crossing paths offer a unique look that will complement your island decor. Each of these ACNH paths creates a look not available using the default patterns in the game.

Animal Crossing Signs – Spruce Up Your Island With These Cute Creations

Some of the best customization items in Animal Crossing are player-made. Check out these Animal Crossing signs players have made to help your island stand apart from the rest.

Animal Crossing Patterns – 15 Stall Patterns to Brighten Your Island

Animal Crossing stall patterns from players offer creative ideas for your island experience. Run a ramen bar, a museum gift shop, or a beachside tiki bar with these ACNH stall patterns.

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